Are RAM 1500 and 2500 Fender Flares the Same?

April 14th, 2021 by
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We here at Nyle Maxwell CDJR of Taylor get asked a lot of questions, and one that’s come up recently has been “Are 2021 RAM 1500 fender flares and RAM 2500 fender flares the same?”. Generally speaking, the answer is no, not exactly, but they’re similar. That said, if you’re looking to customize your new RAM truck or used Dodge RAM with fender flares, you may be able to find success in installing fender flares from another model, depending on state laws and your desire of what constitutes a good, safe “fit.” Have more questions? Read on or contact our parts experts for advice. Want to be sure you’re getting the right fender flares for your RAM truck? Order parts online from Nyle Maxwell CDJR of Taylor, and we’ll take care of you!


What Are Fender Flares?

Fender flares are basically a component of / add-on to the wheel well of a vehicle. They extend from the wheel well outwards, like a “lip.” They’re usually either factory-installed or more often, added as aftermarket modifications. Not all vehicles come with fender flares, but many RAM trucks do. That said, fender flares serve several important functions, as you’ll learn below.

Why Are Fender Flares Important?

Fender flares serve several functions:

  1. Aesthetic: When installed correctly and fitted properly at a service & installation center like ours, fender flares can add rugged appeal to any truck.
  2. Functional: Fender flares can hide rust and other damage around the wheel well of your vehicle.
  3. Legal: In some places, if you’ve installed larger aftermarket wheels and tires on your vehicle, you’ll need to install fender flares too so that the wheels of your vehicle aren’t jutting out disproportionately without something on top to cover them.
  4. Protective: Fender flares can help protect your RAM from further damage.

What Are the Best Fender Flares for RAM 1500 Trucks?

There are five main types of aftermarket fender flares:

  1. OEM: These are the best RAM 1500 fender flares if your truck is stock as they’re made by the original equipment manufacturer and offer superior durability and fit.
  2. OEM Style: These fender flares look similar to OEM fender flares and are a good replacement for OEM fender flares that are damaged or worn.
  3. Street Style: Street style fender flares are tall from top to bottom but sit close to the vehicle (almost flush, similar to OEM fit). They’re also usually squared-off.
  4. Pocket (Bolt-On) Style: For vehicles with oversized tires/wheels, bolt-on fender flares are the best, as they stick out farther from the vehicle’s wheel wells than most other types. They’re also more rugged-looking, thanks to bolts that keep them fitted in.
  5. Extended Style: Extended style fender flares are durable and protective and are similar in depth to street style fender flares, but they’re usually rounded rather than squared-off.

RAM 1500 vs. RAM 2500 Fender Flares from Previous Generations

While fender flares for RAM 1500 and 2500 trucks may not be identical — the 1500 and 2500 are different vehicles, after all — some RAM enthusiasts have had success installing RAM 2500 fender flares on 2016 RAM 1500 models and even on older models. That said, we cannot recommend installing RAM 1500 fenders on 2500 trucks or vice versa. The best option is always to use OEM parts whenever possible, especially if you’re driving a new truck so that the fit is good and so that you don’t void your new vehicle limited warranty!

Purchase RAM Fender Flares or Other RAM Parts Online

Whether you need fender flares or you’re looking for other information on customizing and lifting your truck, we’re here to provide you with the parts tips you need to make the most of your RAM ownership experience.

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