Join a Winning Team at Nyle Maxwell CDJR of Taylor

There couldn’t be a better time to consider a career in Automotive Sales! At a time when business is on the rise and sales are robust, this is a rare ground-floor opportunity and the best time to get in the car business.

As we transition to more fuel-efficient cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, there is a change in the industry: most Customers are interested in fuel economy and safety first. Over the past few years, an important “cleaning out” process has happened. Today, there are fewer car companies doing business in the US, and the majorities of those companies are on solid footing financially and have the cash to sink into future products. Everyone knows that in this business, the product is king!

Another reason for thinking the time is right to get in the car business is that, sadly, during the lean times over the past few years, some dealers that didn’t truly understand how important their people are. The good news is they’ve figured it out! We all sell the same cars and we’re all made of brick, mortar, and glass; our people are the difference between failure and success.

Having said all that, the car business is not for everyone. Those who think they can make it on 40 hours per week will most likely fail. A dedicated sales professional knows that you have to be there for your Customers when it’s convenient for them, not you. Often, that means evenings, weekends and even holidays. Many times, self-motivation comes into play. You have to put your customers’ needs first, and your desire to make a commission second. You have to be honest, sincere and trustworthy so that your Customers become Customers for life and gladly recommend you to their family and friends.

If you truly enjoy people, working hard and going home a hero to your family, we can teach you the rest. Our dealership has great training programs and will give you a guaranteed salary for a period of time to make sure you’re up and running.

I do not know of any other business where you can make a six-figure income with no investment? Again, this business is not for everyone, but if you have what it takes I can’t think of a better time to jump in!